31/8/2015 - Heat maps provide useful information for European energy policy

30/8/2015 - Momentum builds behind call to give local governments a special status at Habitat III

29/8/2015 - Sprawl repair is essential, unavoidable

28/8/2015 - How Suburban Sprawl Causes Segregation and Isolates the Poor

28/8/2015 - Italian Architect unveils vision for Vertical City on the sea

27/8/2015 - Bringing the farm to your front yard

27/8/2015 - CEDR workshops on Road Worker Safety, Oct/Nov in BE, UK & CZ

26/8/2015 - How Toronto is revitalizing its aging suburban residential towers

26/8/2015 - Accommodating innovation: temporary use and the access to vacant urban properties in Europe

25/8/2015 - Copenhagen installs 100 more EV charging stations (Denmark)

25/8/2015 - The World's Most Livable Cities

24/8/2015 - 5 Key Trends in Open Streets

24/8/2015 - 15 Metros With the Biggest Declines in Commuting by Car

23/8/2015 - African Cities Are Starting to Look Eerily Like Chinese Ones

23/8/2015 - Velo-city 2016 paper submission deadline in one month

22/8/2015 - 10 Mayors On The Issues Facing Cities

22/8/2015 - How Do You Create a Successful Urban Park?

21/8/2015 - Nairobi’s tech scene makes headway into its slums

20/8/2015 - EU project offers funding for cities interested in developing electromobilty

20/8/2015 - Participate in an online survey to shape the future of the Covenant of Mayors

19/8/2015 - How to Build a City on the Moon

19/8/2015 - More evidence on the changing demographics of American downtowns

19/8/2015 - Where and Why Walking or Biking to Work Makes a Difference

18/8/2015 - Transport Management Plan - EcoMobility World Festival

18/8/2015 - Potential of ‘Urban Green Commons’ in the Resilience Building of Cities

17/8/2015 - Noting Habitat III in the SDGs text would have "enormous meaning" for implementation

17/8/2015 - London's Olympic legacy three years on

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