2/12/2015 - COCON 63 : Massive renovation operation

2/12/2015 - 10th IOPD Award for “Best Practice in Citizen Participation” Launched

2/12/2015 - How data helps India's cities adapt to rapid urbanization

2/12/2015 - Urban Planning Faces Possible Diversity Setback

1/12/2015 - Join the session "Boosting Electromobility in European cities" - EECV Congress, 3 December

1/12/2015 - European city centres are saying no to cars!

1/12/2015 - Future-Proofing the Library: The Idea Store

1/12/2015 - Cities finally a protagonist in the global dialogue on migration issues

30/11/2015 - Green buildings, urbanization top agenda of Africities Johannesburg summit

30/11/2015 - La Petite Ceinture - a green urban oasis

30/11/2015 - Do trees really help clear the air in our cities?

29/11/2015 - The 11th European Urban and Regional Planning Awards

29/11/2015 - China’s ‘disposable cities’ are not built to last

29/11/2015 - Old is the new green

28/11/2015 - Get Refugees Cycling!

28/11/2015 - Does Placemaking Cause Gentrification? It’s Complicated.

28/11/2015 - CITYnvest: Innovative financing solutions for energy-efficiency retrofitting in buildings

27/11/2015 - Barcelona invites cities to follow its lead on sustainable procurement

27/11/2015 - Fat city: the obesity crisis that threatens to overwhelm Mexico's capital

27/11/2015 - From FabLabs to self-sufficient FabCities

27/11/2015 - The US Government Supports the Commitment of Cities to the Compact of Mayors

26/11/2015 - Ten urban innovations that may re-shape cities of the future

26/11/2015 - A New Approach to Cities: Everyone Counts

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