1/11/2014 - 100 cities around Europe commit to taking action on climate change adaptation through ‘Mayors Adapt’

1/11/2014 - Join the ITS event of 2015 - 1 YEAR from now

1/11/2014 - Parisians have their say on city’s first €20m ‘participatory budget’

1/11/2014 - Inside the Guangzhou Award for urban innovation

31/10/2014 - SUMP Award 2014 for cities opens

31/10/2014 - Cities and the social targets of Europe 2020

31/10/2014 - Sixth CHAMP electronic newsletter online

30/10/2014 - NEC and ASCAN to launch pioneering smart waste collection service in Santander

30/10/2014 - A designer is creating "smell maps" of cities

30/10/2014 - The Dark Side of Environmental Quality

30/10/2014 - 124 million people, one in four European citizens, face poverty or social exclusion

29/10/2014 - Cameron hails plan to fast-track devolution for English cities

29/10/2014 - 2014 Biodiversity Summit spurs integration of biodiversity into all levels of government

29/10/2014 - Smart Branding Attracts the Masses to Mass Transit

28/10/2014 - Conference on citizenship

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