September 30 2016

CIVITAS guidance on procuring sustainable urban mobility released

Making Protection Temporary? Bad Idea for Cities

Innovative urban apps feature crowdsourcing, virtual reality

September 29 2016

Instead of Trump's Wall, Why Not a Binational Border City?

Are happier citizens making Singapore a smart city leader?

Can UK smart city projects harness $7B in private funding?

September 28 2016

Better Housing for Refugees Means Better Housing For All

Fear and identity politics in urban spaces

Urban Adaptation Support Tool provides new insights

Call for Lecturers Attending Habitat III

September 27 2016

Mexico City works towards embedding Interculturality in its new Constitution

SINGA: Connecting Community, New and Old

Agreed final draft of the New Urban Agenda is now available

September 26 2016

Strategies for increasing urban density — and livability

Futuristic cities that will take Africa's tourism industry by storm

Lessons From Cities Trying to Be Better Buyers

C-ITS and cities workshop



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