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Explore the Future of Mobility at CTAA EXPO 2017!

Detroit is America's great comeback city. Downtown has been revitalized and the city is buzzing with an infectious new optimism and entrepreneurial spirit. Join us in this great American Renaissance city for the annual Community Transportation EXPO (June 11-15, 2017), your chance to collaborate with colleagues from around the nation and across the full spectrum of transportation service providers in a setting dedicated to fresh ideas, innovative products and services, networking and learning.

From traditional transit systems to non-emergency medical transportation [NEMT] providers, mobility managers to volunteer operators, EXPO is the confluence of the community transportation field. In addition to important legislative and policy discussions, there will be dozens of training sessions, workshops and networking events that will allow you to advance your understanding of issues, and develop fresh solutions and new approaches.

A special focus at EXPO this year will be preparing community and public transportation networks for emerging mobility models such as on-demand Transportation Network Companies (TNCs) – like Uber and Lyft – and autonomous vehicles. This will be the context of our special two-day Mobility Rising Symposium on June 12 & 13.




Who Should Attend?

  • Community and Public Transportation Professionals
  • Suppliers and Manufacturers of Transit Products and Services
  • Transportation Technology Vendors
  • Mobility Managers
  • Human and Social Service Program Managers
  • Mobility Advocates
  • Advocates for Seniors and People with Disabilities
  • Healthcare Providers and Advocates
  • Rural Community Advocates City
  • Community and Regional Planners
  • Transportation and Community Planning Consultants
  • Federal, State/Provincial and Local Government Officials
  • Transit-Oriented Development Supporters
  • Community Solutions Providers

EXPO's Event Highlights

  • Mobility Rising Symposium: Shaping the Future of Community and Public Transportation
  • Opening Luncheon with FTA Acting Administrator Matt Welbes
  • General Session: The Future of Mobility – Shannon Bouton, COO, McKinsey Center for Business and Environment and Mark de la Vergne, Chief of Mobility Innovation at the City of Detroit
  • EXPO Policy Session: Transit Policy in Focus led by CTAA Executive Director Scott Bogren
  • Community Transportation Trade Fair
  • Quick, Clever Ideas at PechaKucha Night
  • The Keys to NEMT Success
  • Transit Marketing for Community and Public Transportation
  • Professional Transportation Grant Development
  • Transit Asset Management Implementation
  • Efficient Demand-Response Service
  • Integrating Volunteer Drivers with Transit
  • Assuring Quality in the Customer Experience
  • Turning Board Members into Strategic Partners
  • Becoming a Savvy Tech Customer
  • Winning at the Ballot Box
  • Making the Business Case for Transit
  • Building Funding Diversity and Reserves
  • Innovation in Fares and Systems
  • TNCs and Public Transportation
  • Mobility and the Built Environment
  • Achieving Rider-Centric Outcomes for Greater Returns




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