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Call for Papers Ends Event Date Location Event
18 Jan 6 Jun UK Ecocity World Summit
24 Jan 13 Sep Switzerland CISBAT 2023
25 Jan 4 Jun Spain Global Public Transport Summit
31 Jan 6 Sep Italy Living and Walking in Cities
10 Feb 6 Oct Singapore 2023 CTBUH International Conference
10 Feb 6 Sep Italy European Transport Conference
17 Feb 16 May USA Smart Cities Connect
17 Feb 16 Oct USA World Forum on Urban Forests
24 Feb 21 Jun Colombia Sustainable Smart Cities and Territories International Conference
1 Mar 1 Nov Singapore 18th World Conference of the Associated Research Centers for the Urban Underground Space
31 Mar 19 May Online International City Planning and Urban Design Conference
31 Mar 13 Sep France Efficient 2023
9 Apr 13 May UK International Conference on Smart Grid and Smart Cities
10 Apr 14 Jun USA New York - Livable Cities