Urbanicity offers a fantastic channel to achieve cost effective international exposure for Masters, Professional Development Programmes, Short and Online courses.

With over 228,000 subscribers around the world, you can reach your target audience with ease.

We have available Banners on site and in our City Matters newsletter, and Course Alerts.




  • Exclusive promotion
  • Reach a global, engaged audience

A Course Alert is an Html email exclusively about your course / courses.

There's no better way to reach a global audience of urban stakeholders, from Mayors to students and all points in between.

Undergraduate and post graduate degrees, Masters, short courses, online courses and professional development courses will all reach an interested audience.

With over 228,000 subscribers worldwide – all stakeholders and interested parties in urban issues, in over 150 countries, Urbanicity not only allows you to reinforce your profile as a top-line educational provider in your own country, but also offers a uniquely effective way to promote your courses to the lucrative foreign student market as well.

See an example here.



Published: Date specified by advertiser
Distribution: Selected by advertiser (Regional / Global)
Alert Banner Size: 750 x 200 pixels
Alert Text Allocation: Max 700 words (includes links, headlines etc)
Single Alert Euros 750 / US$ 825
2 or more Alerts: Up to 25% discount available

To book an Alert now, contact Kate More with your requirements and any questions



There are three types of banner available with Urbanicity, as follows:



2 main banner positions at the head of our Urban Masters database page



Upgrade your course listing in our Urban Masters directory to a banner and stand out from the crowd



Place a banner in City Matters, published monthly, and reach the entire 228,000 global Urbanicity audience



Main Banner 490 x 90 pixels
Home Page Banner 490 x 90 pixels
City Matters Banner 650 x 155 (max) pixels
Main Banner Euros 250 / US$275 per month
Directory Banner Euros 80  / US$90 per month
City Matters Banner Euros 250 per issue

Example banner:


To book a banner or find out further information, please contact Kate More