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Earlybird Deadline Event Date Location Event                                                                                                                                                          
8-Mar 8-Apr China 2019 Tall + Urban Innovation Conference
8-Mar 24-Jun Netherlands Impact Mobility
14-Mar 7-Oct Canada Intelligent Cities Summit 2019
15-Mar 16-Apr USA Emerging Mobility Summit 2019
15-Mar 1-Jul Australia 2019 International Conference on Resource Sustainability - Cities
15-Mar 11-Jun USA ICF Summit 2019
20-Mar 6-May USA Waste Expo 2019
24-Mar 9-May USA Global Smart Cities Blockchain Conference
25-Mar 6-Jun UK 10th International Public Markets Conference
29-Mar 24-May Australia Future Cities Summit
29-Mar 30-May Australia Smart Cities 2019
29-Mar 2-Apr Austria Govtech Pioneers
31-Mar 20-Jul USA Greater & Greener 2019
31-Mar 5-Jun Italy Sustainable Places 2019
1-Apr 22-May Germany European Forum on Urban Forestry
1-Apr 25-Jun Ireland Velo-city 2019
3-Apr 26-Jun Germany Resilient Cities 2019
5-Apr 8-May Portugal Smart Mobility Summit
8-Apr 4-Jun France The Nature of Cities Summit 2019
12-Apr 3-Jun Netherlands 13th ITS Europe Conference
15-Apr 22-May Finland SBE Helsinki
15-Apr 18-Aug Canada 22nd International Council on Alcohol, Drugs and Traffic Safety
15-Apr 9-Jul Italy AESOP Annual Congress 2019
17-Apr 26-Jun France European International Conference on Transforming Urban Systems
24-Apr 9-Jun USA ASCE International Conference on Transportation & Development
26-Apr 12-Aug Australia 12th Livable Cities Conference
30-Apr 24-Jun Canada 2019 International Metropolis Conference
30-Apr 24-Sep UK SBE 19 Sustainable Built Environment Conference
30-Apr 23-May Hungary Arts and the City
10-May 12-Jun USA CNU 27
31-May 7-Jul Australia Asia Pacific Cities Summit 2019
31-May 27-Aug Greece ENHR Conference
31-May 23-Oct Netherlands 8th Professional Lighting Design Convention
14-Jun 7-Oct Canada EcoCity World Summit 2019
30-Jun 23-Oct Greece SBE Thessaloniki 2019
11-Jul 9-Sep Indonesia 55th ISOCARP Congress
15-Jul 5-Nov Malaysia Future Smart Cities 2019
15-Jul 20-Nov USA NLC City Summit
31-Jul 6-Oct Abu Dhabi World Road Congress 2019
1-Aug 4-Nov USA 2019 EcoDistricts Summit
1-Aug 1-Oct Canada 2019 Creative City Summit
1-Aug 4-Nov USA 2019 EcoDistricts Summit
9-Aug 4-Nov China 16th International Conference on Urban Health
15-Aug 25-Sep Belgium Smart Cities and ICT
16-Aug 8-Sep Canada Railvolution 2019
16-Sep 16-Oct USA 2019 International Urban Freight Conference