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Earlybird Deadline Event Date Location Event                                                                                                                                                          
18-Aug 24-Aug USA Urban Thinkers Campus 2.0 The City We Need
20-Aug 20-Sep Finland Smart City Event Tampere
21-Aug 16-Oct UK World Urban Parks European Congress 2017
25-Aug 17-Sep USA Rail-volution
27-Aug 3-Oct USA Growing Sustainable Communities
30-Aug 2-Oct Malaysia 3rd Smart Cities Asia
31-Aug 10-Oct Malaysia International Conference on Sustainable Urban Design and Livable Cities (SUDLiC) 2017 
31-Aug 15-Nov Spain Security, Democracy & Cities Conference
31-Aug 20-Sep Korea Smart Cities Innovation Summit Asia
31-Aug 1-Nov Germany 1st International Urban Mobility Dialogue
31-Aug 25-Oct South Africa Developing Future African Cities
31-Aug 11-Oct Indonesia Friendly City 4
31-Aug 8-Nov USA Podcar City and Advanced Transit
31-Aug 18-Oct Indonesia Cities 2017
31-Aug 19-Oct France Autonomy - the urban mobility summit
1-Sep 17-Oct New Zealand Asia Pacific Cycle Congress
1-Sep 2-Oct Canada Smart Cities and Sport
1-Sep 26-Oct Serbia 6th International Conference ’’?owards a Humane City‘‘
1-Sep 30-Oct Netherlands Amsterdam International Water Week
1-Sep 6-Sep USA Catalyzing the climate economy
7-Sep 13-Nov Kenya Realising Just Cities - Learning Through Comparison
7-Sep 16-Oct UK Healthy City Design 2017
7-Sep 27-Oct USA International Conference on Sustainable Infrastructure: Sustainable Cities for an Uncertain World
10-Sep 2-Oct Hungary Empowering smart solutions for better cities
15-Sep 4-Oct Bosnia Vital Cities and Reversible Buildings
15-Sep 24-Oct Canada Intelligent Cities Summit
15-Sep 5-Nov Canada CUTA Forum 2017: Route to Innovation
15-Sep 11-Oct Portugal Philosophy of the City
15-Sep 6-Nov Singapore CIKM 2017 Smart Cities, Smart Nations
16-Sep 11-Oct Netherlands Placemaking Week 2017
21-Sep 22-Oct USA ICMA Annual Conference
29-Sep 27-Nov Sweden CELSIUS Summit - The Power of Networks
30-Sep 28-Nov Finland 1st International Conference on Mobility as a Service
30-Sep                          15-Nov            Portugal SB-Lab 2017 - International Conference on Advances on Sustainable Cities and Buildings Development
6-Oct 13-Nov Australia International Urban Design Conference
6-Oct 6-Dec Belgium Polis Conference 2017
15-Oct 20-Oct Sri Lanka 5th International Conference on Cities, People and Places
15-Oct 5-Jan India International Conference on Smart City and Emerging Trends
15-Oct 4-Dec Australia Sustainable Integrated Cities
21-Oct 22-Nov Canada City Age: Building the Future
5-Nov 27-Jan Malaysia International Conference on Urban Design and Cities Planning
7-Nov 12-Feb Australia International Conference on Water Sensitive Urban Design
10-Nov 18-Apr Spain World Metro & Light Rail Congress & Expo 2018
10-Nov 11-Feb Canada Active Living Research Annual Conference
30-Nov 14-Oct South Africa Planning Africa 2018
22-Dec 16-Mar India International conference on Urban Sustainability: Emerging Trends, Themes, Concepts & Practices
31-Dec 28-Feb Austria Urban Future Global Conference
8-Jan 1-Mar Canada Cyber Security 2018
12-Jan 14-May Singapore 6th International Conference on Architecture and Civil Engineering
15-Jan 20-Mar Germany City Car Summit
29-Jan 16-Apr Austria TRA Conference: a digital era for transport
31-Jan 12-Aug Turkey VII International Conference on Landscape and Urban Horticulture
1-Feb 4-Apr Canada 48th Annual Meeting Urban Affairs Association
7-Feb 16-Mar Portugal Smart Greens 2018