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Earlybird Deadline Event Date Location Event                                                                                                                                                          
26-Mar 4-Jun Greece International Workshop: re-Streaming the City
27-Mar 23-Apr USA Waste Expo 2018
28-Mar 30-May USA 2018 Tall and Urban Innovation Conference
30-Mar 14-Jul Spain The IAFOR International Conference on the City 2018
30-Mar 18-Jul Singapore IFLA World Congress
30-Mar 5-Sep Portugal Future of Water in Europe: Local, regional and global best practice
31-Mar 18-Jun South Africa Adaptation Futures
31-Mar 26-May China Smart Cities: Present and Future
31-Mar 3-Sep Australia Smart Cities Expo World Forum 2018 Melbourne
31-Mar 11-Jun Canada AIVP World Conference 2018 Cities and Ports
1-Apr 27-Jun France Sustainable Places 2018
1-Apr 14-May Canada International Making Cities Livable Conference
1-Apr 27-Jun Netherlands Smart City Event
2-Apr 28-May Austria Mobility as a Service
5-Apr 6-Jun USA EDRA 2018: Social Equity by Design
6-Apr 14-Jun USA City Nation Place Americas 2018
8-Apr 30-May Sweden ECOMM 2018
9-Apr 25-Jun USA 2018 Gigabit City Summit
13-Apr 13-Jun South Africa i-Transport and UATP Conference and Exhibition
15-Apr 24-May Czech Rep. Smart Cities Symposium Prague 2018
15-Apr 24-Jun Germany World Parking Symposium
15-Apr 5-Oct India First Annual Conference on Urban Mobility Solutions 2018
20-Apr 26-Nov Dubai Smart City Expo Dubai 2018
27-Apr 23-Oct Lebanon Urban Health & Wellbeing Building Collaborative Intelligence for Better Lives in Cities
30-Apr 10-Jul Sweden AESOP Annual Congress
30-Apr 31-Oct Lebanon City Street 3
30-Apr 24-Jul Burkina Faso 1st International Conference on Smart City and Communities 2018
30-Apr 2-Aug USA Sister Cities International Conference
30-Apr 13-Jul Singapore IFLA World Congress 2018
30-Apr 1-Oct UK 2018 WHO International Healthy Cities Conference
30-Apr 8-Jul Singapore World Cities Summit
30-Apr 9-Jul Singapore SITCE 2018
30-Apr 4-Sep UK ABC: Activating Biophilic Cities
4-May 10-Jun USA CTAA's Community Transportation EXPO
7-May 17-Jul Spain 4th International Conference on Connected Smart Cities
11-May 5-Nov Canada 3rd Annual Intelligent Cities Summit
14-May 26-Jun Sweden ENHR Conference 2018
20-May 28-Jun UK IEEE SmartCity-2018
28-May 9-Jul Canada 10th Annual International Conference on Urban Traffic Safety
31-May 26-Sep Finland Smart Cities in Smart Regions 2018 Conference
1-Jun 18-Jul Australia Safe Cities 2018
1-Jun 8-Oct Australia Stormwater 2018
1-Jun 16-Jul Australia Making Cities Livable 2018
1-Jun 25-Oct Singapore Professional Lighting Design Convention 2018
15-Jun 6-Aug USA International Conference on Urban Climate
15-Jun 20-Sep Greece Smart Blue City
15-Jun 4-Oct Netherlands 3rd International Conference on Smart Data and Smart Cities
23-Jun 23-Sep Italy International Conference on Urban Drainage Modelling
30-Jun 24-Sep Austria Child in the City 2018
30-Jun 25-Sep Finland Global District Energy Days
30-Jun 22-Oct Malaysia ISWA World Congress 2018
30-Jun 9-Sep Germany FIDIC International Infrastructure Conference
1-Jul 16-Sep Japan World Water Congress
3-Jul 29-Oct Australia International Metropolis Conference
19-Jul  17-Oct Italy Green Urbanism
31-Jul 1-Oct Norway ISOCARP World Congress 2018
31-Jul 5-Oct India Urban Mobility Solutions
31-Jul 5-Oct Netherlands Urban Transformation Conference
10-Aug 27-Nov Spain Urban Transitions 2018
25-Aug 21-Oct USA Railvolution 2018
29-Aug 28-Nov Italy Green Urbanism
3-Sep 27-Nov Uganda 15th International Conference on Urban Health
9-Oct 7-Nov Germany 2nd International Urban Mobility Dialogue