The success of any conference is determined by attendance numbers. Smart, effective publicity and advertising is essential to maximise registrations.

Urbanicity offers a range of options to help you reach your target audience, to make them fully aware of your event and resons to attend, and to encourage them to register. .

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An Urbanicity Conference Alert (EDM) is both an Html email sent to Urbanicity subscribers

and a web page published at the Urbanicity site, dedicated exclusively to your event.

It is designed to increase event awareness and registration numbers. An Alert is designed to maximise email impact, and support the branding of your event.

With 18 years of proved track record, Urbanicity Alerts are the best solution for your event marketing needs.


For your Alert, Urbanicity will:

  • Create the Alert - in full html, and carry out all development and edits which you require.
  • Select an audience - from our 231,000 subscribers worldwide, based on your selection criteria - location, sector, area of interest, audience type etc
  • Publish the Alert on the Urbanicity website
  • Send the Alert by email to all agreed targeted Urbanicity subscribers


Costs Regional Distribution Global Distribution
Single Alert €750 / US$825 € 1250 / US$1450
3 Alert Package € 1,550 / US$1700 € 2,550 / US$2950


Further package options available on request.
Other costings / currencies available on request - or convert now


To book one or more Alerts, contact Alistair Campbell directly with your requirements and questions

Urbanicity transacts a maximum of 10 Alerts per month. Please book early to avoid missing out.

Currently available  


Learn more about issues like Alert timing, strategy and design here



If you need further information about Alerts and how they will work to increase awareness and registrations for your conference, read our Alert FAQ page



Every month, Urbanicity publishes Diary Dates, the ultimate guide to urban events and event news updates. Diary Dates includes new event listings, earlybird deadlines, calls for papers conference reports and more.

Diary Dates is sent by email to the entire Urbanicity subscriber list worldwide.

Placing an event feature in Diary Dates is a great way to keep your audience up to date with all your latest conference news and calls to action.

Each feature enables you to include a banner and supporting text, links and headlines.

Feature Specifications  
Banner 700 x 200 (max) pixels
Accompanying Text Max 300 words


Single Feature € 300  / US$ 350
3 Feature Package € 750  / US$825


Further package options available on request.
Other costings / currencies available on request - or convert now

To request a Feature booking contact Alistair Campbell directly with your requirements and questions


Events with banners on the Urbanicity calendar attract up to 17 times as many clicks as events with standard text listings. As the most visited urban events calendar in the world, the Urbanicity calendar is a perfect place to have a banner and stand out from the crowd.

Urbanicity offers 3 options for placing conferences banners on site:

  • Home page Banners - published on the main site home page (2 available).
  • Events Page Banners - published on the events index page (2 available).
  • Calendar Banners - published as part of your event listing on the relevant calendar page.
Banner Specifications  
Home Page Banner 490 x 90 pixels
Events Page Banner 490 x 90 pixels
Calendar Banner 650 x 155 (max) pixels


Home Page Banner € 550 per month
Events Page Banner € 200 per month
Calendar Banner € 50 per month
  Other currencies on request


To request a Banner booking, contact Alistair Campbell directly with your requirements and questions


Current at: December 1 2017

Subscribers by Region   Site Traffic  


Average site visits per month (2017)
North America 68399
Unique site visitors per month (2017)
Asia and Pacific 63821    
Africa and Middle East 8572    
Central and South America 4299    
Unknown 7513    
Total 234220    
Subscribers by Activity      
Local Government (Elected) 63898    
National Government 7725    
Local Government (Employed) 113970    
Academic 8488    
Private Sector 22041    
NGO & Civil Society 10396    
Other / Unknown 7702    
Total 234220    


Urbanicity will on occasion enter into a limited media partnership with selected events. A media partnership with Urbanicity will allow an event to discount our fees by up to 25%

In a media partnership, Urbanicity will usually request certain reciprocal publicity, such as logo acknowledgement on the event website.

Please note:

  • Urbanicity does not attend events so free tickets will not form part of any media partnership.
  • On no occasion will Urbanicity enter into a 100% media partnership

To request a media partnership, please contact Alistair Campbell