Subscriber Audience


The Urbanicity Alert provides a multi-channel, high-impact marketing reach for your event.


The Urbanicity Alert includes:

  • 1 x EDM - sent to Urbanicity subscribers who have specifically requested Alerts for events dealing with the themes of your conference

  • 1 x Feature in Diary Dates, our monthly e-newsletter which reaches the entire Urbanicity subscriber audience

  • 1 x Calendar Banner to highlight your listing on the Urbanicity calendar

  • 3 x social media mentions

When you book your Urbanicity Alert, your banner will be uploaded immediately. You can then choose dates for your EDM and Feature


1 Alert € 795 / US$850
2 Alerts € 1295 / US$1400
3 Alerts € 1695 / US$1900
  Other currencies on request


With 18 years of proved track record, Urbanicity Alerts are the best solution for your event marketing needs.

To book and Urbanicity Alert, contact Alistair Campbell directly with your requirements and questions


Events with banners on the Urbanicity Calendar attract up to 17 times as many clicks as events with standard text listings. As the most visited urban events calendar in the world, the Urbanicity calendar is a perfect place to have a banner and stand out from the crowd.

If you book an Urbanicity Alert, you will also receive a free Calendar Banner.

Alternatively, you are welcome to book a banner for your event as a standalone item.


Banner Specifications  
Calendar Banner 530 x 99 pixels


Calendar Banner € 75 / US$85
  Other currencies on request


To request a Banner booking, contact Alistair Campbell directly with your requirements and questions


Subscribers by Region - May 2019  


North America


Asia and Pacific 65302
Africa and Middle East 8547
Central and South America 4338
Unknown 7515
Total 237083
Subscribers by Sector - May 2019  
Local Government (Elected) 63945
National Government 7688
Local Government (Employed) 117251
Academic 8320
Private Sector 22201
NGO & Civil Society 11660
Other / Unknown 6018
Total 237083

Urbanicity will on occasion enter into a limited media partnership with selected events. A media partnership with Urbanicity will allow an event to discount our fees by up to 25%

In a media partnership, Urbanicity will usually request certain reciprocal publicity, such as logo acknowledgement on the event website.

Please note:

  • Urbanicity does not attend events so free tickets will not form part of any media partnership.
  • On no occasion will Urbanicity enter into a 100% media partnership

To request a media partnership, please contact Alistair Campbell