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With the calendar disrupted by COVID 19, our calendar is subject to change.





Please note these dates and events may be subject to change


13-Jan Netherlands CITYxCITY Festival
14-Jan India Urban ARC 2021 | Urban Imaginaries
3-Feb UK / Online Trees, People and the Built Environment 4 ONLINE
3-Feb USA / Online Transforming Transportation 2021  ONLINE
17-Feb Portugal Grand Projects - Urban Legacies of the late 20th Century  ONLINE
22-Feb USA 2021 ICF Smart21 Conference  ONLINE
22-Feb Online The Nature of Cities Festival ONLINE
23-Feb USA / Online 5th Annual Smart Cities International Virtual Symposium ONLINE
24-Feb Poland 2nd Shared Mobility World Conference
15-Mar Australia / Online 5th Water Sensitive Cities Conference ONLINE
17-Mar USA / Online 2021 Urbanism Next Virtual Forum ONLINE
18-Mar Germany UrbanA Berlin Arena
23-Mar Sweden VREF Conference on Urban Freight 2021   ONLINE
23-Mar France Paris Zero Emission Bus Conference
23-Mar Taiwan Smart City Summit & Expo 2021
24-Mar Switzerland Deep City: Climate Crisis, Democracy and The Digital
7-Apr France IWA Efficient - CANCELLED
8-Apr France inOut
12-Apr USA Smart Cities Connect
12-Apr Sweden / Online ICLEI World Congress  ONLINE
14-Apr Australia Stormwater 2021
14-Apr Bulgaria / Online Smart Cities Summit ONLINE
28-Apr Canada / Online EECOM 2021 Conference, Exploring the Nature of Cities ONLINE
28-Apr Czech Rep 10th International Conference on Smart Cities and Green ICT Systems ONLINE
3-May Lithuania / Online 40th Euroheat & Power Congress ONLINE
7-May Turkey / Online International City Planning and Urban Design Conference  ONLINE
9-May Denmark IWA World Water Congress: water for smart livable cities - POSTPONED TO 2022
12-May Poland / Online Smart City Forum ONLINE
19-May USA / Online CNU 29.Design for Change ONLINE
25-May Russia Smart Cities Moscow
26-May Greece Major Cities of Europe Conference
26-May Korea / Online Walk 21 ONLINE
26-May Germany International Transport Forum ONLINE
26-May Canada Intelligent Cities Summit
27-May Czech Rep. Smart Cities Symposium Prague 2021 ONLINE
8-Jun USA International Making Cities Livable Conference
9-Jun USA Smart Cities Atlanta
9-Jun Netherlands Urbanism Next Europe ONLINE
9-Jun Online Smart Cities Marketplace Forum  ONLINE
14-Jun Australia 6th International EcoSummit Congress: EcoSummit 2021 ONLINE
14-Jun USA City Parks Alliance Summer Series
15-Jun Poland 11th City Health International Conference - DELAYED UNTIL NOVEMBER
15-Jun USA Walk/Bike/Places
15-Jun Online Grey to Green ONLINE
16-Jun Netherlands Urban Future Global Conference
17-Jun NEW Portugal Child in the City Seminar
18-Jun Japan International Conference on Smart Grids and Smart Cities
20-Jun Singapore World Cities Summit ONLINE
20-Jun Singapore CleanEnviro Summit Singapore ONLINE
22-Jun Germany The Global Interdisciplinary Green Cities Conference 2021
22-Jun USA The Smart City Event
28-Jun Estonia International Urban Planning and Environment Congress - POSTPONED TO 2022
29-Jun NEW UK 28th International Seminar on Urban Form
1-Jul Online 2021 National Shared Mobility Summit ONLINE
6-Jul NEW Online 17th International Conference on Urban Health ONLINE
7-Jul Poland The 3rd World Conference of the Society for Urban Ecology
8-Jul NEW Portugal / Online Urban Creativity Conference
24-Jul USA Greater and Greener 2021 - POSTPONED TO 2022
30-Jul NEW China 3rd International Conference on Urban Intelligence and Applications
5-Aug Vietnam Smart City Asia 2021
24-Aug Sweden 7th International Conference on Traffic and Transport Psychology - POSTPONED TO 2022
29-Aug NEW Australia 11th International Conference on Urban Climate
30-Aug Australia International Conference on Urban Climate - POSTPONED TO 2022
30-Aug Cyprus ENHR Conference
6-Sep Portugal Velo-city 2021
7-Sep Austria REAL CORP 2021
8-Sep Australia Asia Pacific Cities Summit
8-Sep Switzerland / Online CISBAT 21 Carbon Neutral Cities - Energy Efficiency and Renewables in the Digital Era
9-Sep Online European Transport Conference ONLINE
9-Sep Ireland Child in the City World Conference POSTPONED
9-Sep NEW Italy Living and Walking in Cities
14-Sep Netherlands / Online SMARTEES final conference
15-Sep Portugal ECOMM 2021
15-Sep NEW Germany Urban Data Management Symposium
17-Sep UAE Arab Future Cities Summit Dubai 2021
17-Sep Germany International Conference on Transport and Smart Cities
20-Sep Germany Water in the city
27-Sep Netherlands Smart City Next 2020
28-Sep Germany World Congress of Building Greening POSTPONED
6-Oct Belgium European Parking Congress POSTPONED
6-Oct Spain Sustainable Urban Mobility Congress Bilbao
6-Oct NEW USA International Urban Freight Conference 2021
11-Oct Germany ITS World Congress
11-Oct Netherlands Ecocity World Summit
11-Oct Online Innovate4Cities Conference ONLINE
20-Oct France Security Democracy and Cities
20-Oct Germany CIVITAS Forum Conference 2021
21-Oct Poland Smart City Expo Poland
21-Oct Germany The Urban Mobility Summit Berlin
24-Oct NEW Australia International Conference on Urban Drainage
1-Nov Finland EcoCityForum 2021
7-Nov Thailand 7th Global District Energy Climate Awards
9-Nov UK MOVE Mobility Re-imagined
8-Nov Qatar ISOCARP World Congress
10-Nov Sweden International Cycling Safety Conference
10-Nov Norway Nordic EV Summit
10-Nov Norway Evolve Arena
17-Nov France Paris Zero Emission Bus Conference
24-Nov Iran / Online 2nd International Conference on the Future of Urban Public Spaces ONLINE
1-Dec Sweden Polis Conference
8-Dec Poland Shared Mobility World Conference
14-Dec Australia Global Public Transport Summit CANCELLED


Also scheduled for 2021 but dates not yet confirmed

Netherlands Cities and Citizens Energy Forum
Malaysia Asia Pacific Network for Housing Research Conference
Australia Future Cities Summit