On 23 March 2018, Urbanicity received an email from Vyshak Simha of IDE Global, requesting a favourable terms contract for the promotion of World Green Infrastructure Congress 2018.

After some consideration, Urbanicity agreed to the suggested terms, and prepared a contract which clearly stipulated that payment within 7 days was a specific requirement.

The contract, with an agreed payment date of 4 April, was duly signed by Vishak Simha.

On 4 April, the first elements of the contract had been fulfilled by Urbanicity - the first EDM and the placing of a banner on the Urbanicity calendar.

But despite several requests, no copy for further EDMs was received.

No payment was received either.

After several communications sent to IDE Global, we eventually received a response from a colleague of Mr Simha, Sunny Mahbubani, in which he stated that contrary to the contractual terms, there was no intention to make payment at this stage.

Despite reminding the IDE staff of the contractual payment terms several further times, there was still no payment made.

On 21 May, in the absence of any further copy for EDMs or payment, Urbanicity decided to annul the remainder of the contract and issued a cancellation invoice.

To this date, no payment has been made, and no offer of payment by IDE Global to Urbanicity received.

We therefore consider them in default, and publish this notice accordingly.

Urbanicity does not consider World Green Infrastructure Congress to be at fault in this process, and is unable to be sure if they are even aware of it.


For more information, contact Sarah Richards