30/6/2021 - Creating attractive cities webinar
30/6/2021 - GHC CitiesAlive Virtual 2021


29/6/2021 - 9th Informed Cities Forum
29/6/2021 - Webinar: Smart City: what’s behind the success of Smart Lighting?


28/6/2021 - Urban Tree Summit 2021
28/6/2021 - The 2nd Forum of Mayors (2022)


23/6/2021 - Eurocities 2021 Leipzig will take place from 3 to 5 November.
23/6/2021 - International Conference on Transport and Smart Cities 2021


22/6/2021 - Learning from cities: Gender policy in covid times webinar
22/6/2021 - 2nd UCLG World Forum of Intermediary Cities


21/6/2021 - Webinar - New Mobilities: Smart Planning for Emerging Transportation Technologies

21/6/2021 - Take Care of your City: INTA44 Session 1


17/6/2021 - Decarb City Pipes 2050 webinar

17/6/2021 - PATH2LC online talk #1


16/6/2021 - Webinar: Tools for Mapping Smart and Walkable Locations

16/6/2021 - CTBUH 2021 Tall + Urban Innovation Conference event report


15/6/2021 - Participate in Efus' international Security, Democracy & Cities conference

15/6/2021 - INTA44 Take care of your city - virtual event


14/6/2021 - ETC 2021: Early booking now open

14/6/2021 - Register now for the URBACT City Festival 2021!


10/6/2021 - Webinar: The Potential of the Public Realm

10/6/2021 - Geneva Urban Debate - 10 June


9/6/2021 - Urban Logistics Summer School

9/6/2021 - Webinar: LGMA Roadmap Towards COP26


8/6/2021 - City Managers Community 2021: 5G webinar

8/6/2021 - SmartTalks - Sustainable Energy


3/6/2021 - Webinar – Citizen Engagement in Emergency Planning

3/6/2021 - Metropolis announces World Congress 2021


2/6/2021 - ISOCARP launches regional events

2/6/2021 - International Symposium on Inclusive Cities


1/6/2021 - VIRTUAL CORP 2021 Social Housing and Climate Adaptation

1/6/2021 - Virtual Urban Mobility Workshop




Creating attractive cities webinar


Wednesday 30 June 2021, 09:00 to 12:30

Online, Europe-wide

The necessity of creating attractive cities is recognised more and more. Attractive cities are nice places to live in, they make people happy, and they contribute to quality of life, health, the environment, and the economy. At the same time, attractiveness is ‘quite’ subjective – what is perceived as attractive by some people is perceived as unattractive by others.

Yet there are some general findings. Green, open and well-maintained public spaces are perceived as attractive. What is perceived as unattractive are congested cities and motorised vehicles that emit noise and fumes, creating stressful traffic conditions.



GHC CitiesAlive Virtual 2021



In response to the COVID 19 Pandemic, Green Roofs for Healthy Cities and the Green Infrastructure Foundation have teamed up to bring you CitiesAlive, combining outstanding world class speakers with cutting edge emerging professionals and award-winning project videos.

CitiesAlive® Virtual 2021 is a multi-disciplinary conference, bringing together the very best designers, product manufacturers, researchers, and policy makers in the field of living architecture and green infrastructure. Attendees will hear from leading-edge designers, discussing their innovative approaches and award winning projects. We will be highlighting progressive policies , as well as the latest research. Join us in shaping a better, more resilient future, as we emerge stronger from COVID-19 pandemic.



9th Informed Cities Forum


Re-purpose. Re-charge. Re-think. Heritage and e-mobility at the crossroads

26 - 28 October 2021 - Online

Organised under the title “Re-purpose. Re-charge. Re-think. Heritage and e-mobility at the crossroads”, the 9th edition of the Informed Cities Forum will cast light on cultural heritage and electric mobility.

The Informed Cities Forum event series is a popular European interactive “un-”conference driven by ICLEI, which aims to bridge the gap between research, policy-making and action in sustainable development, both at and for the local level. This 9th edition of the Forum will take place online from 26-28 October 2021.



Webinar: Smart City: what’s behind the success of Smart Lighting?


July 2, 2021 - Webinar

Join Paradox Engineering to learn how Smart Lighting can contribute to urban sustainability, climate change mitigation and city attractiveness, which elements need to be considered to design and implement efficient, reliable, and even revenue-generating streetlighting infrastructures, how Smart Lighting can become the canvas for urban innovation leveraging interoperable, standard-based technologies and how to mitigate cybersecurity risks, protect the network and device-generated data.



Urban Tree Summit 2021


Montgomery Parks and Casey Trees, Washington DC, present the tenth annual conference — Urban Tree Summit. Presentations will focus on the health and welfare of trees in our increasingly developed landscapes. Learn from some of the country’s leading experts about innovative efforts to plant, protect, and preserve trees in urban and suburban settings.



The 2nd Forum of Mayors (2022)


04 - 05 April 2022

The second Forum of Mayors (Forum of Mayors 2022) will be held back-to-back with the Regional Forum on Sustainable Development. The event will provide a platform for Mayors from the UNECE region to exchange information on experiences and best practices on city level policies and practices.



Eurocities 2021 Leipzig will take place from 3 to 5 November.


Recovery is urgent. In cities, this is clearer than anywhere else. Entire sectors have been deeply affected by the pandemic. To meet the ambitious EU targets for digital transformation, emissions and poverty reduction, the recovery budget must be invested speedily and strategically.

Cities ability to transform, become more resilient, modernise governance and support surrounding areas is increasingly in the spotlight. The European Green Deal can only succeed with cities fully on board. Consequently, the EU has ramped up the financial opportunities for sustainable urban development. In all sectors, there is an EU programme that offers collaboration with cities.

This contrasts with the limited involvement of cities at strategic level in the EU. The renewed Leipzig Charter adopted under the German EU Presidency in 2020 made the case for the transformative power of cities. The Conference on the Future of Europe in May 2021 will open the debate about collaboration between levels of government for an effective and democratic recovery.

To address the lessons of the crisis and look towards a green, digital and just recovery, Eurocities 2021 Leipzig will examine how the EU’s strategic goals are translated and implemented in cities.



International Conference on Transport and Smart Cities 2021


While some studies indicate that living standards can be better in urban areas compared to villages, there are significant societal challenges that are exacerbated by large population growth in urban areas that have constrained resources, such as road networks, public transport, energy, water, waste management and healthcare.

The first International Conference on Transport and Smart Cities gathers researchers from around the world to share the latest advances in the field of smart cities, with a focus on transportation. The solutions developed by industry and research aim to address the challenges posed by the increasing population in cities.



Learning from cities: Gender policy in covid times webinar

This webinar will explore how cities have integrated gender strategies during the COVID-19 response and the impact on gender equality over the past year and a half. Many cities have transformed the COVID-19 challenge into an opportunity, fighting to promote quality basic services in very complex situations. The pandemic has disproportionally affected women, as enforced lockdown measures have led to school closures, impact on the labour market, increase of unpaid care work and reported cases of violence against women.

2nd UCLG World Forum of Intermediary Cities

This Forum will be an opportunity to raise the challenges that Intermediary Cities have faced during the pandemic and the key principles, recommendations and solutions that can commonly help them build a Green and Resilient Recovery, while drawing the lines for the new post-COVID era.

Webinar - New Mobilities: Smart Planning for Emerging Transportation Technologies


Thursday, June 24, at 1:00 EDT

Participants of this live webinar are eligible for 1.5 AICP CM credits.

Join us as Todd Litman discusses 12 emerging transportation modes and services that are likely to significantly affect our lives as they become more commonplace.

Find out more and register for this free webinar via the link below.



Take Care of your City: INTA44 Session 1


Writing the urban narrative after the Covid19

Only one week left to register for the first session of the INTA44 congress, which will be held entirely in English. The session will last one afternoon (from 2pm to 6pm CET), it will be dedicated to health issues in the city and the way they are relevant to every aspect of urban development.

Three speakers will introduce the discussions for 1h30, before a general debate that will bring together elected officials and professionals. The aim of this formula is to get to the bottom of things, not overlook them.



Decarb City Pipes 2050 webinar


Spatial Planning: Which Heat Supply Technologies For Which District?

In the framework of the Decarb City Pipes 2050 project, Energy Cities organises discussions every last Friday of the month on specific topics linked to the decarbonisation of the heating and cooling sector. These sessions will allow exchanges and capitalisation of learnings and know-how between the partner cities (Bilbao, Bratislava, Dublin, Munich, Rotterdam, Vienna and Winterthur) and a limited number of external cities. Experts, such as the advisory board members, will also be invited to share their insights.

This session will focus on the importance of spatial planning. Heat planning towards a decarbonised future requires a spatial approach: availability of heat sources in the city, spatial density of the heat demand and urban development determine the possible solutions to supply heat for buildings. However, calculating which solutions are more cost-effective in which districts (eg. heat pumps vs. district heating) is not an easy task.





Making the EU climate neutral by 2050: how to translate climate neutrality into local strategies?

To meet the EU’s ambition to become climate neutral by 2050, the European Union and Member States will need to rely on cities and their capacity for mobilization and innovation. The local strategies to translate climate neutrality are different from one territory to another. During this webinar, the SCOT Grand Douaisis in France will explain how they integrate the notion of sufficiency at the core of their local strategy. They will also give their feedback on how they raise awareness on energy and climate issue through a serious game. The city of Groningen will also showcase how they plan to become carbon-neutral by 2035 and will share key elements on how to effectively include citizens in the energy transition plans.



Webinar: Tools for Mapping Smart and Walkable Locations


Thursday, June 17, at 1:00 p.m. EDT

Participants of this live webinar are eligible for 1.5 AICP CM credits.

The Smart Location Database is a nationwide data resource for measuring location efficiency. It includes more than 90 attributes summarizing characteristics such as housing density, diversity of land use, neighborhood design, employment, and demographics.  

Join the Maryland Department of Planning and the Smart Growth Network to learn about recent updates to the Smart Location Database and National Walkability Index and how these tools can be used in planning.




CTBUH 2021 Tall + Urban Innovation Conference event report


If you weren’t able to participate in the CTBUH 2021 Tall + Urban Innovation Conference this time around, check out the event report to get a glimpse of everything that went on. From all aspects of the tall building industry, award contenders, judges, and industry speakers came together virtually from all over the world to celebrate project innovations and share lifetimes of learning.



Participate in Efus' international Security, Democracy & Cities conference


We are pleased to invite you to the seventh edition of Efus’ international Security, Democracy and Cities conference. This event – which will be hosted by the City of Nice from 20 to 22 October 2021 – will bring together some 800 participants: elected officials, local and regional officers, state administration, magistrates, security forces, social workers, researchers, and private sector and civil society representatives.




INTA44 Take care of your city - virtual event


Faced with the challenges of health and climate, INTA44 questions the necessary transformations, if not the ruptures, that we are witnessing rather than acting upon. This involves not only environmental health, but also the relationship between housing and work, transport and new forms of mobility, construction and new ways of living, all of which are considered to be necessary factors for the vitality and well-being of a city.



ETC 2021: Early booking now open


At ETC we bring together practitioners, researchers and policy makers. We understand and work with the entire transport community. Together, we explore and develop transport & mobility policy and best practice.

This year, prices have been held from 2020 for a limited period. Delegates booking before 21 June will benefit from discounted places on 1, 2 and 3 day conference attendance.



Register now for the URBACT City Festival 2021!


URBACT is thrilled to invite you to the first virtual edition of our flagship #URBACTfest on 15, 16 and 17 June 2021. Listen to the city stories from the Transfer Networks, what worked - and how - and what didn't - and why. Connect with peers and get inspired to try something new in your own city.



Webinar: The Potential of the Public Realm


City life doesn’t stop at the door of a building. Our waterfronts, parks, plazas, streets, and sidewalks are some of New York’s largest public assets.

Over the last 16 months, as many New Yorkers have increasingly relied on the public realm, it’s never been more evident that safe, accessible open space is not equitably distributed across neighborhoods. In response, we have seen a creative expansion of street use through the City’s Open Culture program and the Department of Transportation’s Open Streets and Open Restaurants programs. These ideas and others have inspired many to reimagine the potential of the public realm to better serve New Yorkers.

Join Council Member Keith Powers and MAS’s Livable Neighborhoods Program for a free, virtual program about two community proposals to expand and better manage open space for a more livable, equitable city:

06/16/21, 5-6PM

Location: Zoom



Geneva Urban Debate - 10 June


The City Cancer Challenge (C/Can), Geneva Cities Hub and UN-Habitat invites you to the second in a series of “Geneva Urban Debates” to launch the findings of a new report highlighting the role of cities in accelerating progress toward the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Speakers from across regions and sectors will reflect on what makes these city-led initiatives successful. What are the key challenges? How are cities and their counterparts in the health and development community working to address these bottlenecks?



Urban Logistics Summer School


Pick up all the basics as well as special topics in urban logistics

The Antwerp Summer School on Urban Logistics offers an intensive immersion into the world of urban logistics.

The two weeks of summer school consist of theme-based study modules spread over two weeks and an optional assignment for participants who intend to collect credits (3 ECTS) for their respective academic study programs. Presentations will be given by practitioners as well as academics, with ensuing discussions by all participants.

Interested? Join the fourth TransportNET Urban Logistics Summer School, from 16-27 August, in hybrid form from Antwerp, so with possibility to join online. Registration is due before 1 July 2021.



Webinar: LGMA Roadmap Towards COP26


Yunus Arikan, ICLEI's Global Advocacy Director, orients local and regional governments on the agenda and processes of the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26), held in November 2021 in Glasgow, as well as on issues of multilevel governance and progresses in the global climate negotiations. ICLEI acts as the focal point of the Local Governments and Municipal Authorities (LGMA) Constituency.



City Managers Community 2021: 5G webinar


When: Wednesday, July 7, from 13:00 to 14:30 CEST. Click here for the time in your location.

Where: online

The Metropolis City Managers Community is loaded with new activities in 2021. This year, Metropolis is fostering the engagement of the top leaders from our membership who are in charge of the implementation of 5G technologies, which have applications in diverse public services at metropolitan scales, at various stages of implementation.




SmartTalks - Sustainable Energy


Jun 22, 2021

In a series of events, Smart City Sweden invites experts in different areas to discuss city challenges and opportunities and give examples from how Sweden is working with the discussed issues. We are sending the event live from our studio in Stockholm.

In this second SmartTalk, we will discuss renewable energy and storage and energy efficiency, together with experts in the field. We will discuss the increasing need for renewable energy as the need is increasing, and demonstrate best practice and solutions from Sweden. One example will be from the district of Hammarby sjöstad in Stockholm, where the citizens have been involved to create a more energy-efficient district.



Webinar – Citizen Engagement in Emergency Planning


The ALARM project, in which Efus is a partner and whose objective is to raise the awareness of local elected officials to emergency planning, invites you to participate in this exchange that will aim to introduce you to several devices facilitating the direct involvement of citizens in emergency planning, always under the guidance and supervision of civil protection officials and the police. By participating in this webinar, you will also have the opportunity to exchange with the participants and expert speakers on the experiences in your municipality. The webinar will be simultaneously translated into French and Dutch.



Metropolis announces World Congress 2021


The 13th Metropolis World Congress will be taking place in Guangzhou and virtually from Nov. 8 to 13, 2021.

The three-in-one event will let participants attend the sessions of the Metropolis World Congress, the Ceremony of the International Award for Urban Innovation, and the Global Mayor's Forum.

Save the date for this unique event that will unite leaders and decision-makers from major cities and metropolitan spaces around the world and experts in urban development and metropolitan governance.



ISOCARP launches regional events


ISOCARP is launching International Regional Events (IREs). These smaller-scale symposia will focus on issues of local importance, on several occasions throughout the year in different regional and macro-regional contexts.

The first IRE will be held in symbiosis with CORP 2021 (September 7-10, 2021) in Vienna.



International Symposium on Inclusive Cities


Achieving inclusive cities through a multidisciplinary approach

Online | June 28-30, 2021

Organised by the School of the Built Environment and Development Studies at the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) in partnership with the University of Johannesburg, University of Venda, EThekwini Municipality, ISOCARP, National Research Fund (South Africa), and the South African Cities Network, the symposium “Achieving Inclusive Cities through a Multidisciplinary Approach” focuses on the multi-sectoral and multi-lingual framing and applicability of the concept of inclusive cities.



VIRTUAL CORP 2021 Social Housing and Climate Adaptation


We are convinced that the virtual CORP events have their place in this huge offer and therefore there we will have VIRTUAL CORP sessions in the run-up to REAL CORP 2021 again this year. The first

VIRTUAL CORP will take place on Tuesday, 15 June 2021, from 15:00 to 17:00 CEST (UTC+2).

Social Housing and Climate Adaptation in cooperation with IBA_VIENNA



Virtual Urban Mobility Workshop


Can MaaS Achieve Behavior Change?

2 June at 12:00pm CEST

In Partnership with MaaS Alliance

Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) promises enhanced convenience to the end user, new business models to the mobility industry, and higher user satisfaction for public transport authorities. It also strives for lofty green credentials by reducing individual car usage and increasing active travel. But what is the likelihood of MaaS to change user behavior, and how exactly can this be achieved?



Cyber Agora #5: Underground Urbanism


Dialogues, discussions, debates, and deliberations in the first Cyber Agora — scheduled for June 29, 2021, at 3:30 pm CET — will focus on the role of underground spaces in planning, development, and management of territories for our sustainable, resilient common future. The Agora will engage planners, urban designers, architects in a discourse that is often thought to be a field of engineers. Hosting a panel of experts, the Agora will shed light on opportunities and challenges in realizing the potential of subsurfaces — for a resilient, inclusive, and sustainable future.



Innovate4Cities Week goes online


During the week of October 11-15 2021, UN-Habitat and the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy (GCoM) welcome you to the groundbreaking Innovate4Cities 2021 Conference, a virtual multi-day global/regional event bringing together science and innovation, policy and practice to enable cities to take accelerated and more ambitious climate action.




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