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The main theme of Velo-city 2017 is ‘The Freedom of Cycling’. Themes like Governance, Infrastructure, People, Bikenomics and Urban Planning are the main topics of the Velo-city 2017 conference. In addition, it will explore the Dutch story and the relation between health and sustainability.

During the event over 1,500 delegates from over 80 countries from across the world are expected to be welcomed to the region to join the world’s largest cycling conference. There are over 200 speakers from more than 40 countries. The mayors session which will be attended by over 25 mayors and ministers (among others the mayors or deputy mayors of Rio de Janeiro, Paris, Amsterdam Dublin, Dusseldorf and Kampala and ministers of Brussels and Malta (EU presidency).

Velo-city 2017 could become a tipping point for cycling, as we see more and more attention for cycling worldwide. During the conference the European Cycling Strategy – will be handed over to the EU Commissioner for Transport: Ms. Violeta Bulc.

Experience it for yourself and join us at the Velo-city 2017 conference!

The time is now to register for the conference and to book your hotel and flight! Don’t wait too long to register: tickets are selling fast and there is a fixed number for participants this year!



Full conference schedule online!

The program is complete! Check out our full programme schedule for the names, times, descriptions and speakers of all the sessions of Velo-city 2017.



Velo-city 2017

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Be an Amsterdammer For a Day

On the 14th of June Velo-city will travel to Amsterdam to let attendees experience how it feels to be an Amsterdammer for a day. Together we will travel to Amsterdam on a special train, made available by the NS (Dutch Railways). In Amsterdam there will be a bike provided for attendees, during the tour you will be accompanied by a passionate bike professional or enthusiast from Amsterdam. We will end the day with a dinner and a party for all.

Click here for more info about the three different tours.

Photo: Cycling near the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam

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