CONFERENCE: Tangible – intangible heritage(s)


When considering buildings, towns, cities and infrastructures then, this conference suggests we can neither think of them as isolated activities and discipline, nor as isolated in in time. They are social constructions defining the way people live, think, develop and desire. They are economic contrivances marking out the interests of capital. They are artistic visions of an aesthetic present. They are the realisation through design of what we can and wish to build. They are expressions of knowledges and skills which can inform innovation. They are phenomena experienced as much through the media and medias as they are through physical engagement. They are inevitably political at every level. The decisions we make today about this ‘heritage’ is based on the past and will inform future.

PLACE: London, UK
DATE: 14–15 June 2018


CONFERENCE: Critical Practice in an Age of Complexity


Internationally, global cities of commerce can be surrounded by slums and in many cities housing is unaffordable as a place of living while it functions as a major form of capital investment. This all happens against a backdrop of the arts and cultural industries seen as economic motors, conflicting media representations of urbanization, and the emergence of new medias altering the experience and forms of reporting on life in cities.

To design and understand the built environment in the middle of this complexity and contradiction requires reflection and vision. It also requires critique and multiple practices.

PLACE: Arizona, USA
DATE: 22-23 February 2018


CONFERENCE: Moving Images – Static Spaces: Architectures, Media, Film


The relationship between architecture, urban environments and the moving image is deep rooted. It is also mutating. Born in the City Symphony films of the early 20th it was premised on the dynamic and mobile representation of buildings, streets and cities. Caught on celluloid, these architectures were the setting of news reels and documentaries. They were also settings projected on screen and presented like never before. This complex relationship continues today with interiors, architecture and cities still forming backdrops to action and being the subject of feature films, documentaries, news broadcasts and TV.

PLACE: Istanbul, Turkey
DATE: 12-13 April 2018
ABSTRACT DEADLINE: 30 January 2018

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