An Urbanicity Alert for: International Conference on Mobility as a Service 2017
Join us in Tampere this November to learn more about the latest trends and practices in Mobility as a Service

The mobility as a service concept was defined and communicated throughout the world at the 10th ITS European Conference in Helsinki in 2014.

Since then, Finland has played an active role in spreading the ideas of MaaS through for example the MaaS Alliance in collaboration with ERTICO and two MaaS Summit round table discussions hosted by Anne Berner, the Finnish minister of transport and communications.

The 1st International Conference on Mobility as a Service (ICoMaaS) aims to enhance these efforts by updating the state of research, business and regulation related to MaaS.

ICoMaaS will provide the delegates with inspiration and ideas for further developments in revolutionizing the everyday life of people.

The conference covers all aspects related to Mobility as a Service and exists to build bridges between government, research and business and to identify knowledge gaps requiring further research.

Covered topics include:

- Business track:

  • Business cases from around the world
  • Enablers of business
  • Tools for cities and business
  • Implications for city planning

- Scientific track:

  • Developing MaaS business models
  • Micro transit as a part of MaaS offering
  • MaaS and sustainability
  • Market potential
  • Platforms and frameworks
  • Institutional and policy issues
  • MaaS in cities
  • Roadmap for a paradigm shift
  • State of reserach and user acceptance

- Special sessions:

  • MaaS in rural areas
  • Extending the MaaS concept


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