An Urbanicity Alert: International Making Cities Livable Conference 2017
54th International Making Cities Livable Conference on

Public Places
for Community, Democratic
Dialogue, Health, & Equity

La Fonda Hotel, Santa Fe, New Mexico. Oct 2-6, 2017


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The IMCL Conference is unique. It brings together elected officials, professionals and scholars from diverse disciplines committed to the mission of making our cities more healthy and livable. We come to learn from each other as much as to contribute our expertise. We stay to listen and discuss and make contacts among people – often from different disciplines – who can reinforce our own efforts. And we have a good time!

Join us in Santa Fe to share your achievements and learn from others how we can take back our streets, squares, and green places - and in the process,strengthen community, civic engagement, health, and equity.



The 2017 IMCL City of Vision Award will be presented to the City of Barcelona, Spain for their dedication to making the city more healthy, and equitable through the Superblock Program – traffic calming 2 out of 3 streets throughout the city, increasing pedestrian, bike, and public transit networks, and introducing neighborhood squares.

Janet Sanz, Deputy Mayor for Ecology, Urbanism and Mobility will receive the Award on behalf of the City of Barcelona, and will speak about the Superblock Program.

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Public Places for Community & Democratic Dialogue
Topics: Streets for people, “Eyes on the Street”, children and elders, reclaiming public space, generating social life, market places, neighborhood squares, urban fabric shapes public space, place-based community

Public Places for Health
Topics: Planning for mobility, green corridors, bicycle planning, rails to trails, complete streets, 10-minute community, effects of the built environment on health, combatting climate change, access to nature, water urbanism, “social immune system”, urban agriculture, transit-oriented development

Public Places for Social Equity
Topics: Social justice and diversity, healthy communities, healthy economics, access to public space, reclaiming neglected neighborhoods, public transit and equity, inclusive public places, public space and migrant workers, design engagement, combatting food deserts

Bike tour of Santa Fe’s primary bicycle trails
Joe Maestas, Council Member, Chair of the Bicycle & Trails Advisory Committee
Santa Fe’s historic plaza and Railyards
Thomas Leatherwood, Consultant, Santa Fe
Historic Santa Fe
David Rasch, Historic Preservation Planner


Public places – our streets, plazas, squares, and green spaces – belong to ALL of us! They are our democratically shared common wealth - the most important aspect of every city. How we treat the public realm demonstrates how we value our fellow citizens, our democratic principles, our health, and our community.
Join us in Santa Fe to share your achievements and learn from others how we can take back our streets and squares - and in the process, strengthen community, civic engagement, health, and equity.

Suzanne H. Crowhurst Lennard, Ph.D.(Arch.) Co-founder & Director, IMCL Conference

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