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Water’s new development path

Water and wastewater services, in terms of availability, quantity and quality, are one of the most critical issues facing the world today. Developing and emerging economies will face some of the biggest and most disruptive water challenges over coming decades, but they also represent some of the biggest opportunities to deliver a sustainable,future. The adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals is an unprecedented opportunity to accelerate the needed change. In Argentina, a country with an ambitious National Water Plan to deliver that change, the Water and Development Congress & Exhibition provides a platform for water professionals to share best practices, innovative solutions, new technologies, alternative approaches and business opportunities.


Water, from risk to reward - in a transformative way

"More concrete will not solve the water problem. Understanding water will. We need to waterproof our cities."

Henk Ovink

Special Envoy for International Water Affairs, Kingdom of The Netherlands

Henk Ovink is a Keynote Speaker at Opening Ceremony of the IWA Water and Development Congress & Exhibition 2017 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He previously held the position of Deputy Director-General of Spatial Planning and Water Affairs at the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, and Director of National Spatial Development in the Netherlands. Mr Ovink currently serves as a senior advisor to the American Federal Government and the former Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding Taskforce instituted by President Obama. For the reconstruction of the New York and New Jersey region, he developed and lead the ‘Rebuild by Design’ contest, which CNN designated as one of the most innovative ideas of 2013.
The international adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals will support public authorities to progressively incorporate the human rights to water and sanitation principles into their service deliver, says Yang Villa, Keynote Speaker at the IWA Water and Development Congresss & Exhibition 2017 in Buenos Aires Argentina.

"While sustainability is everyone’s business, the onus is on emerging economies to trailblaze a new path towards development that is more inclusive, progressive, and sustainable."

Yang G. Villa
Senior Manager for Public-Private Partnerships and Lead for Industry Innovation, Metro Pacific Water

Yang Villa suggests "authorities could mandate the inclusion of programs to provide water access in rural areas. A change in regulation, following HRWS principles, could allow authorities to penalize utilities that withhold investments in rural systems. This will result in utilities pursuing more technological and social innovations, such as off-grid and decentralised water systems. My company is testing a rural “waterpreneurship” model to this effect. This is a good example of the far-reaching impact of HRWS: from the UN podium all the way to the barangays of rural Philippines. Read more.

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Argentina Focus


Argentina's National Water Plan has been designed to position water resources in line with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals.


Con Pablo Bereciartua, Sub-Secretario de Recursos Hidricos Argentina

Wednesday 15 NOVEMBER
Salon de Eventos10:30-12:00
El Plan Nacional del Agua: Desafíos de la Argentina para 2030

Salon de Eventos13:30-15:00
Implementacion del Plan del Agua: Políticas del sector hídrico en las provincias

Salon de Eventos15:30-17:00
Desafios de la Inversion en el Plan del Agua. Participation Publico-Privada

Thursday 16 NOVEMBER
Salon de Eventos10:30-12:00
Argentina Water Plan - Safe Water and Sanitation

Salon de Eventos13:30-15:00
Argentina Water Plan - Water for Production

Salon de Eventos15:30-17:00
Argentina Water Plan - Multipurposes and Biomass Utilization

The Water and Development Congress is a dual language event, with simultaneous translation in English and Spanish.

El Congreso de Agua y Desarrollo se ofrecerá en dos idiomas (Inglés y Español) mediante traducción simultánea.


Plan Nacional del Agua

El ministro del Interior, Obras Públicas y Vivienda, Rogelio Frigerio, encabezó el lanzamiento del Plan Nacional del Agua, que tendrá una inversión de 208 mil millones de pesos para el período 2016-2019 con el objetivo de que el 100% de los argentinos cuente con cobertura de agua potable y el 75% tenga servicios cloacales.

Technical Tours

North Wasterwater Treatment Plant, San Fernando, Buenos Aires

You will be able to know the process that is done to sewage liquids before their return to nature.

Topics: plant construction, supply areas and expansion program, purification process (collection and elevation, desanding and degreasing, primary and secondary sedimentation, biological treatment, clarification and return to the river), Water quality controls, technologies and equipment applied, among others.



Juan Manuel de Rosas Plant, Tigre, Buenos Aires

Learn the complex process that turns the water of the river into drinking water ready for human consumption.

Topics: plant construction, supply areas and expansion program, taking of the Paraná de las Palmas river and location of raw water sources, purification process (capture, elevation and loading chamber, Coagulation, decantation, filtration, disinfection and alkalinization and distribution), water quality controls, technologies and equipment applied.

The biggest 2017 Water Event in South America

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