Urbanicity regularly adds to it's calendar - the largest and most comprehensive in the world for urban themed events.

Below are the latest listings in recent weeks



Events added to the Urbanicity calendar 7/11/2019

16-Jan India Urban ARC 2020 | Equal Cities
7-Feb India 4th Annual Research on Cities Summit (ARCS)
9-Mar Spain Urban Resilience in a context of Climate Change (URCC) conference
19-Mar Netherlands Future Urban Mobility 2020
12-May Sweden Evolve Arena 2020
3-Jun Portugal ECOMM 2020
24-Jun Netherlands Impact Mobility 2020
8-Jul Russia Smart and Sustainable Cities 2020
23-Sep Slovenia City Street 4


Events added to the Urbanicity calendar 15/10/2019

20-Jan India 1st International Conference on Urban Data Science
21-Jan Indonesia CUSME 2020: Urban Life and Technology
19-Feb Australia Smart Local Government Summit
1-Apr Portugal Urban Future Global Conference
6-Apr USA Smart Cities Connect
6-Apr Portugal International Conference ‘Urban e-Planning’
14-Apr Portugal FICIS 2020: The Future Cities
6-May Portugal Portugal Smart Cities Summit 2020
7-May Canada Blue Cities 2020
14-May USA National Urbanism Next Conference 2020
14-May France inOut 2020
28-May Australia Smart Cities Conference
2-Jun USA 57th International Making Cities Livable Conference
10-Jun USA CNU 28
23-Jun Poland The Global Interdisciplinary Green Cities Conference 2020
20-Jul Estonia International Urban Planning and Environment Congress
18-Aug Japan ICSGSC Smart Grid and Smart Cities
19-Oct Spain International Conference on Transport and Smart Cities
22-Oct Canada EECOM 2020 Conference, Exploring the Nature of Cities: Urban Environmental Education in Action
10-Nov Spain Urban Transitions 2020


Events added to the Urbanicity calendar 9/9/2019

14-Apr Portugal FICIS 2020: The Future Cities
6-May Portugal Portugal Smart Cities Summit 2020
7-May Canada Blue Cities 2020
14-May USA National Urbanism Next Conference 2020



Events added to the Urbanicity calendar 15/8/2019

1-Oct Switzerland Sustainable Cities Week
7-Oct Belgium EUKN conference "Greener Cities, Greener Europe"
7-Oct Denmark Partnerships and Financing for an Inclusive City
7-Oct Belgium Greener Cities, Greener Europe
9-Oct Finland Helsinki Impact Conference
10-Oct Poland Urban Development Forum
17-Oct Russia World Urban Parks Congress
23-Oct Iceland Sustainable District Energy Conference
14-Nov Belgium City-zen Closing Event
3-Dec Finland 2nd International Conference on Mobility as a Service
3-Feb France Smart Cities and Social Dynamics
12-Mar Morocco The International Conference on Smart Applications and Data Analysis for Smart Cities 2020
23-Apr Norway Nordic EV Summit 2020
4-May USA Waste Expo
22-May Turkey V. International City Planning and Urban Design Conference
2-Jun Slovenia Velo-city 2020
3-Jun Canada World Summit on Sustainable Mobility
19-Jul USA International Low Impact Development Conference
4-Aug USA Walk Bike Places
8-Sep UK Urban Regeneration and Sustainability
23-Sep USA Music Cities Convention 2020
20-Oct Sweden Smart City Stockholm


Events added to the Urbanicity calendar 15/7/2019

29-Aug Australia 3rd APRU Sustainable Cities and Landscapes Conference 2019
17-Sep France ITS4C 2019 Congress
15-Oct France Innovative City 2019


Events added to the Urbanicity calendar 3/7/2019



Events added to the Urbanicity calendar 29/5/2019

1-Jul Fiji Fifth Pacific Urban Forum
23-Jul USA Clean Cities Renewable Power Procurement Summit
29-Jul UK International Workshop on Urban Intelligence: How Smart is Your City?
9-Oct USA Getting to Zero Forum
10-Oct Sweden Sharing Cities Summit
23-Oct UK DX Cities: The Future of Smart Cities
24-Oct Italy Venice City Solutions
6-Nov UK Freight in the City Expo
18-Nov Australia International Cycling Safety Conference


Events added to the Urbanicity calendar 30/4/2019

23-May Czech Smart Cities Symposium Prague 2019
30-May Czech Prague City Data Congress
5-Jun Belgium Digital Cities Challenge Conference
24-Jun Hong Kong 2nd International Conference on Urban Informatics
26-Jun France 24-hour cities - Making the most of the night time economy
4-Aug Luxembourg Urban Challenges in a Complex World
28-Aug Bolivia International Congress of Urban Cable Transit
2-Sep Italy The City as a Commons, 2019 
12-Sep Belgium ERTICO Think Tank – Urban Mobility Above and Beyond
16-Sep Dubai Arab Future Cities Summit
19-Sep Czech reSITE 2019
23-Sep Malaysia Cities 4.0 Unlocking Functional & Sustainable Cities for All
25-Sep Germany Berlin Urban Tech Summit
2-Oct Morocco Fourth International Conference on Smart City Applications
6-Oct USA 2019 IEEE 16th International Conference on Smart Cities: Improving Quality of Life Using ICT & IoT and AI
15-Oct Poland 7th Informed Cities Forum
23-Oct Egypt Intelligent Cities Exhibition and Conference 2019
31-Oct Australia Australia Smart Cities Week
4-Dec Portugal Smart City 360 2019
9-Dec Italy 3rd  International Conference on Smart and Sustainable Planning for Cities and Regions


Events added to the Urbanicity calendar 8/4/2019

1-May USA 1st International Conference on Smart Tourism, Smart Cities and Enabling Technology
21-May Hong Kong Smart City, Smart Mobility Conference 2019
30-May Latvia Mad City 2019
4-Jul Portugal Urban Creativity Conference
2-Aug Hong Kong Future City Summit 2019
29-Aug Australia 3rd APRU Sustainable Cities and Landscapes Conference 2019
8-Sep Mexico FIDIC International Infrastructure Conference 
8-Sep USA IoT Exchange Smart Cities Summit
11-Sep USA Smart City Expo Atlanta
12-Sep Italy Living and Walking in Cities
16-Sep Slovenia Smart Towns 2019
25-Sep Belgium CTTE-FITCE 2019 - Smart Cities and ICT
3-Oct Australia 9th International City Health Conference
10-Oct USA Vision Zero Cities 2019
24-Oct Serbia The Future of Cities
28-Oct USA Smart Transit 2019
29-Oct Finland Smart City Nordic
4-Nov Brazil 2019 Knowledge Cities World Summit
12-Nov Japan Smart Cities and Sport 2019
19-Nov Spain Smart Mobility Congress
25-Nov Australia TASA Conference 2019: Diversity & Urban Growth
11-Dec India International Conference on Future Cities



Events added to the Urbanicity calendar 25/3/2019

South Africa


Events added to the Urbanicity calendar: 6/3/2019

20-Mar Spain 1st International Congress on Sport in Big Cities
2-Apr Austria GovTech.Pioneers
10-Apr Netherlands Empowering Neighbourhoods for Climate Action
11-Apr Belgium Open Mobility Conference 2019
12-Apr USA Forum on Future Cities: Urban Intelligence
22-Apr Malaysia 2nd Annual Smart Cities
25-Apr France Urban and metropolitan adaptation to Climate Change
9-May USA Global Smart Cities Blockchain Conference
23-May Hungary Arts and the City
23-May Norway Urban Green Growth
12-Jun Spain Placemaking Week Europe
18-Jun Australia Smart Mobility Show
19-Jun Canada The Wellbeing Cities Forum
20-Jun Netherlands Smart City Event
26-Jun France European International Conference on Transforming Urban Systems
4-Sep Singapore Smart Cities and Buildings Asia
10-Sep China AIPH International Green City Conference
1-Oct USA 3rd International Placemaking Week
7-Oct Belgium European Week of Regions and Cities
9-Oct Denmark The 2019 C40 Mayors Summit in Copenhagen
16-Oct Portugal 4th EAI International Conference on IoT in Urban Space
10-Nov USA Local solutions for global issues: Affordable and sustainable housing in urban areas


Events added to the Urbanicity calendar: 19/2/2019

26-Mar USA Nature City Forum
9-May Ireland Smart Cities and Regions Summit 2019
16-May Belgium Circular Cities – Innovating to tackle plastic waste
21-May Netherlands Smart cities - Shaping cities based on Living Labs
22-May Turkey Production of Climate Responsive Urban Built Environments
24-Jun Netherlands Impact Mobility
31-Aug Germany 2nd Mayors Summit on Living Together
11-Sep UK  2019 Biennial of European Towns and Town Planners
14-Oct Morocco 2019 IEEE International Smart Cities Conference (ISC2)
5-Dec Norway Evolve Arena 2019


Events added to the Urbanicity calendar: 4/2/2019

12-Mar Netherlands Future Urban Mobility 2019
13-Mar Greece 7th Smart Cities Conference
2-Apr Australia 4th Welcoming Cities Symposium
2-Apr Portugal The Future Cities FICIS 2019
8-Apr China 2019 Tall + Urban Innovation Conference
23-Apr USA National Adaptation Forum 2019
6-May USA Waste Expo 2019
15-May Costa Rica International Sustainable Cities Congress 2019
27-May Austria Decarb Cities 2019
4-Jul Russia Moscow Urban Forum 2019
9-Jul Italy AESOP Annual Congress 2019
10-Jul France Innovative City 2019
12-Sep Norway Oslo Urban Arena
7-Oct Canada Intelligent Cities Summit 2019
11-Oct Cyprus Smart Blue City 2019
16-Oct USA 2019 International Urban Freight Conference
22-Oct Germany Smart Country Convention
30-Oct Hong Kong EcoExpo Asia
4-Nov USA 2019 EcoDistricts Summit
27-Nov Belgium 2019 Annual Polis Conference


Events added to the Urbanicity calendar: 29/1/2019

22-Feb India FICCI 3rd Smart Cities Summit
25-Feb Iran 1st International Conference on Urban Fire Service and Safety
10-Mar USA CityLaunch
1-Apr Saudi Arabia World Future Cities Summit
3-Apr Argentina 3rd UCLG Culture Summit
4-Apr Belgium UrbanWINS Final Conference
10-Apr Switzerland SmartSuisse
29-Apr Indonesia International Conference of Eurasia World Heritage Cities
3-May UK SPACE International Conference 2019 on Sustainable Architecture, Planning and Urban Design
8-May Portugal Smart Mobility Summit
13-May USA AW4CITY 2019: 5th International Smart City Workshop
20-Jun Russia International Urban Symposium - Urban Inequalities
8-Jul Italy Attractive Cities: Successes and Conflicts
22-Jul Italy Smart City looks like
14-Aug USA Cities Conference 2019
16-Sep Switzerland 2019 World collaborative mobility congress
24-Sep UK SBE 19 Sustainable Built Environment Conference
16-Oct Romania Smart Cities Central and Eastern Europe
4-Nov China 16th International Conference on Urban Health
5-Nov Malaysia Future Smart Cities 2019
20-Nov USA NLC City Summit
2-Dec India 5th International Conference on Countermeasures to Urban Heat Islands


Events added to the Urbanicity calendar: 14/1/2019

13-Mar Turkey World Cities Congress Istanbul 2019
14-Mar France International Forum Energy for Smart Mobility
21-Mar Germany Charge Days - Connecting Conference
8-Apr Switzerland Day of Cities
20-May Belgium Child in the City International Seminar
23-May Estonia Smart City for the Citizens
28-May Canada Building Lasting Change
4-Jun France 2nd International Social Housing Festival
6-Jun UK 10th International Public Markets Conference
1-Jul Australia 2019 International Conference on Resource Sustainability - Cities
17-Jul Korea International Conference on Smart Cities


Events added to the Urbanicity calendar: 7/1/2019

7-Feb UK Smart Cities UK
12-Feb Belgium JPI Urban Europe policy conference
12-Feb USA Globe Drive Mobility Summit
18-Feb USA PLPR 2019 Conference 'Preparing for Climate Change in the Planned and Unplanned City'
1-Mar Belgium Agoria Smart Cities Forum and Award
5-Mar USA 2019 National Shared Mobility Summit
6-Mar Singapore Vertical Cities
8-Mar USA Tech Cities 2019
13-Mar Malta Valetta Confrence 2019: Culture Matters
20-Mar UK MaaS Market 2019
21-Mar Australia Smart Urban Futures
22-Mar UK City Health International
24-Mar Japan 4th Asian Conference on Urban Planning and Sustainable Cities
26-Mar uk GrowGreen conference: Innovative financing for creating green cities
27-Mar Poland Smart City Forum
2-Apr Australia 9th Smart City Expo 2019
3-Apr Hungary First Urban Nodes Forum
10-Apr UK 3rd European Urban Green Infrastructure Conference
10-Apr UK Smart Transport and Mobility
11-Apr Portugal The Street and the City - Encounters
11-Apr China Music Cities Convention
16-Apr USA Emerging Mobility Summit 2019
25-Apr Ecuador 8th World Bike Forum - FMB8
25-Apr Finland Finnish Urban Studies Conference 2019
26-Apr USA 1st International Conference on Urban Experience and Design
30-Apr Canada 5th Annual Delivering Urban Transit Infrastructure conference
30-Apr Canada 10th Smart City & IoT Expo Forum
2-May Australia MaaS 2019 – Melbourne
13-May Japan World Towns Leadership Summit
14-May USA City Vision 2019
15-May Sweden Lund Urban Creativity Conference 2019
19-May USA 2019 APTA Mobility Conference
22-May Germany European Forum on Urban Forestry
24-May Australia Future Cities Summit
30-May Australia Smart Cities 2019
17-Jun Netherlands We Make the City
17-Jun Cyprus 6th European Conference on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMP)
19-Jun UK The Intelligent Mobility Event
26-Jun Poland The Green & Digital Cities 2019 Conference
8-Jul Netherlands 2019 Urban Resilience Summit
17-Jul USA Sister Cities International Conference
19-Aug UK 3rd IEEE International Conference on Smart City Innovations
8-Sep Canada Railvolution 2019
9-Sep Canada Designing Cities 2019
10-Sep Germany New Mobility World
11-Sep Germany mobil.TUM 2019
17-Sep Germany Smart City Solutions
18-Sep Spain EPA Congress 2019
1-Oct Canada 2019 Creative City Summit
1-Oct Malaysia 4th International Conference on Smart Data and Smart Cities
2-Oct Austria CIVITAS Forum Conference 2019
2-Oct USA Reclaiming Vacant Properties Conference
7-Oct Netherlands Walk 21 2019
17-Oct Netherlands Urban Transformation Conference
23-Oct Australia 19th International Cities, Town Centres & Communities Conference
23-Oct Netherlands 8th Professional Lighting Design Convention
29-Oct Spain Smart City Expo World Congress
11-Nov Austria INUAS Konferenz 2019/ Urban Transformations: Housing under Pressure
14-Nov USA LaCoMotion
18-Nov South Africa UCLG World Congress


Events added to the Urbanicity calendar: 4/12/2018

4-Feb Belgium Cities and Regions for Development Cooperation 2019
26-Mar Sweden Nordic China Smart City Conference 
2-Apr Malaysia 2nd Annual Smart Cities
8-Apr Germany Future Mobility 2019
8-May Bhutan International Conference on Urban Development and GNH
4-Jun Canada Movin’On World Summit on Sustainable Mobility
20-Jun Ireland EURA UAA Conference City Futures IV, 2019
24-Jun Greece CHANGING CITIES: Spatial, Design, Landscape & Socio-economic Dimensions
1-Sep Germany Climate Chance World Summit


Events added to the Urbanicity calendar: 19/11/2018

20-Jan India 2019 IEEE International Conference on Smart Cities (ICSC)
19-Feb India Smart Urbanation 2019
20-Feb Spain Sustainable Urban Mobility Congress
5-Mar Luxembourg International Symposium - The emergence of the Smart City
10-Mar Kuwait Future Cities Summit
14-Mar Romania (Re)New Europe - 8th European Summit of Regions and Cities
21-Mar Belgium EUROCITIES Mayors Summit
27-Mar Poland Smart City Forum
28-Mar France InOut 2019
8-Apr Germany Future Mobility 2019
8-Apr Switzerland Smart sustainable cities: Drivers for Sustainable Development
15-Apr USA Smart Cities Week San Diego
5-Jun Finland Towards Human Scale Cities - Open and Happy
5-Jun Italy Sustainable Places 2019
24-Jun Brazil Mobilize Fortaleza
25-Jun Germany European Urban Resilience Forum
29-Jun UK European Conference on Mobility Management
11-Sep Indonesia ISOCARP Congress
16-Oct France Autonomy & The Urban Mobility Summit 2019
30-Oct USA Smart Cities Week Washington DC


Events added to the Urbanicity calendar: 30/10/2018

28-Mar Netherlands Beyond Data 2019
15-May UK Smart Urban Mobility Solutions
16-May Australia Australian Smart Cities 2019
27-May Austria DeCarb Cities
4-Jun France The Nature of Cities Summit 2019
11-Jun USA ICF Summit 2019
13-Jun Australia Renewable Cities 2019
26-Jun Germany Resilient Cities 2019
12-Aug Australia 12th Livable Cities Conference
9-Oct Ireland European Transport Conference 2019




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