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Events added to the Urbanicity calendar 12/2/2020

10-Mar Canada Leading by Example
2-Apr Italy 8th Informed Cities Forum
18-Apr Switzerland SmartSuisse
23-Apr Israel SFERA 2020: BIOURBANISM
29-Apr Australia Smart Urban Futures 2020
5-May Belgium Euroheat & Power Conference 2020
13-May Costa Rica International Sustainable Cities Congress
17-May Korea World Human Rights Cities Forum
3-Jun USA Pritzker Forum on Global Cities
10-Jun Poland European City Marketing International Conference
24-Jun Netherlands Urbanism Next Europe 2020
19-Oct Singapore / Malaysia 2020 CTBUH Conference, Humanizing High Density—People, Nature & the Urban Realm
19-Oct Iran FUPS2020 Conference; second International Conference on Future of Urban Public Spaces
21-Oct Finland Smart City & Buildings 2020
3-Nov UK Freight in the City Expo 2020


Events added to the Urbanicity calendar 14/1/2020

12-Feb Abu Dhabi Greenfield Cities Alliance Annual Convening
19-Feb Belgium CIVITAS SUMPs-Up Final Event
24-Feb Austria DeCarb Cities
11-Mar Portugal Smart Mobility Summit 2020
16-Mar Poland Smart City Forum
18-Mar Australia Welcoming Cities Symposium
19-Mar Netherlands Beyond Data 2020
25-Mar UK CoEXist Final Conference
30-Mar South Africa World Towns Leadership Summit
16-Jun USA ICF Global Summit 2020
16-Jun Canada The Wellbeing Cities Forum
5-Jul Singapore CleanEnviro Summit Singapore 2020
7-Jul UK AESOP Congress 2020
20-Sep USA Railvolution 2020
28-Oct Singapore LTA-UITP Singapore International Transport Congress & Exhibition


Events added to the Urbanicity calendar 7/1/2020

14-May Italy Innovating Cities: Cultural Heritage in Action
20-May Canada Reimagine Conference 2020: Roadmap to Sustainable Cities
9-Jun Indonesia Indonesia International Smart City Expo & Forum
17-Jun Australia Stormwater 2020
10-Aug Malaysia Asia Pacific Network for Housing Research Conference 2020
25-Aug Sweden 7th International Conference on Traffic and Transport Psychology
26-Aug Australia Smart Cities Week Australia
9-Sep Italy European Transport Conference
6-Oct Malaysia Smart Cities Asia 2020
14-Oct Sweden VREF Conference on Urban Freight 2020
17-Nov Spain Smart City Expo World Congress
17-Nov Spain Smart Mobility Congress
22-Nov Dubai Rapid Cities – Responsive Architectures. Dubai 2020
2-Dec Netherlands 2020 Polis Conference


Events added to the Urbanicity calendar 9/12/2019

16-Jan Hong Kong International Urban Forestry Conference
28-Jan France Urban Feedback 2020
25-Mar Netherlands COHEHRE Conference 2020
5-Apr USA 2020 Tall + Urban Innovation
22-Apr USA Micromobility America
4-May NZ Green Pavlova
27-May Netherlands European EV Charging Summit
3-Jun Poland Green Cities conference
3-Jun France Sustainable Places 2020
9-Jun Poland City Health International 2020
19-Jul Denmark MOBITAS 2020
22-Sep  Korea Walk 21 2020
4-Nov France Autonomy & The Urban Mobility Summit
25-Nov France “Security, Democracy and Cities” 2020 


Events added to the Urbanicity calendar 19/11/2019

28-Jan France European Energy Transition Conference
19-Feb Korea IWBigDataCity 2020
2-Mar Poland IdeaLab Workshop: Cities for the future – services and solutions
19-Mar Japan 16th KYOTO International Conference on Urban Planning, Ecology, Architecture and Transportation Engineering
24-Mar USA CityLaunch 2010
31-Mar Poland Smart City Expo Poland
22-Apr USA 2020 Urban Conference
23-Apr Austria AIJA seminar on smart cities
12-May Norway Evolve Arena 2020
24-May South Africa Rise Africa
27-May Greece 5th Conference on Sustainable Urban Mobility
10-Jun USA Smart City Expo Atlanta
21-Jun Germany Cities for Mobility Congress 2020
22-Jun Australia Livable Cities 2020
1-Jul UK International Conference on Energy and Cities
30-Sep France 5th International Conference on Smart Data and Smart cities
13-Oct Germany Smart City Solutions
15-Nov USA Cities Alive 2020


Events added to the Urbanicity calendar 7/11/2019

16-Jan India Urban ARC 2020 | Equal Cities
7-Feb India 4th Annual Research on Cities Summit (ARCS)
9-Mar Spain Urban Resilience in a context of Climate Change (URCC) conference
19-Mar Netherlands Future Urban Mobility 2020
12-May Sweden Evolve Arena 2020
3-Jun Portugal ECOMM 2020
24-Jun Netherlands Impact Mobility 2020
8-Jul Russia Smart and Sustainable Cities 2020
23-Sep Slovenia City Street 4


Events added to the Urbanicity calendar 15/10/2019

20-Jan India 1st International Conference on Urban Data Science
21-Jan Indonesia CUSME 2020: Urban Life and Technology
19-Feb Australia Smart Local Government Summit
1-Apr Portugal Urban Future Global Conference
6-Apr USA Smart Cities Connect
6-Apr Portugal International Conference ‘Urban e-Planning’
14-Apr Portugal FICIS 2020: The Future Cities
6-May Portugal Portugal Smart Cities Summit 2020
7-May Canada Blue Cities 2020
14-May USA National Urbanism Next Conference 2020
14-May France inOut 2020
28-May Australia Smart Cities Conference
2-Jun USA 57th International Making Cities Livable Conference
10-Jun USA CNU 28
23-Jun Poland The Global Interdisciplinary Green Cities Conference 2020
20-Jul Estonia International Urban Planning and Environment Congress
18-Aug Japan ICSGSC Smart Grid and Smart Cities
19-Oct Spain International Conference on Transport and Smart Cities
22-Oct Canada EECOM 2020 Conference, Exploring the Nature of Cities: Urban Environmental Education in Action
10-Nov Spain Urban Transitions 2020


Events added to the Urbanicity calendar 9/9/2019

14-Apr Portugal FICIS 2020: The Future Cities
6-May Portugal Portugal Smart Cities Summit 2020
7-May Canada Blue Cities 2020
14-May USA National Urbanism Next Conference 2020



Events added to the Urbanicity calendar 15/8/2019

1-Oct Switzerland Sustainable Cities Week
7-Oct Belgium EUKN conference "Greener Cities, Greener Europe"
7-Oct Denmark Partnerships and Financing for an Inclusive City
7-Oct Belgium Greener Cities, Greener Europe
9-Oct Finland Helsinki Impact Conference
10-Oct Poland Urban Development Forum
17-Oct Russia World Urban Parks Congress
23-Oct Iceland Sustainable District Energy Conference
14-Nov Belgium City-zen Closing Event
3-Dec Finland 2nd International Conference on Mobility as a Service
3-Feb France Smart Cities and Social Dynamics
12-Mar Morocco The International Conference on Smart Applications and Data Analysis for Smart Cities 2020
23-Apr Norway Nordic EV Summit 2020
4-May USA Waste Expo
22-May Turkey V. International City Planning and Urban Design Conference
2-Jun Slovenia Velo-city 2020
3-Jun Canada World Summit on Sustainable Mobility
19-Jul USA International Low Impact Development Conference
4-Aug USA Walk Bike Places
8-Sep UK Urban Regeneration and Sustainability
23-Sep USA Music Cities Convention 2020
20-Oct Sweden Smart City Stockholm


Events added to the Urbanicity calendar 15/7/2019

29-Aug Australia 3rd APRU Sustainable Cities and Landscapes Conference 2019
17-Sep France ITS4C 2019 Congress
15-Oct France Innovative City 2019


Events added to the Urbanicity calendar 3/7/2019




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