An Urbanicity Alert: Taiwan Smart City Summit & Expo 2017

Smart City Summit & Expo is the largest event for smart city and IoT industry in Asia.

Every year, Head of cities and enterprise Elites meet in Taipei to discuss strategies and methods of smart city development. Thorough participation from Taiwanese companies and international partners contributed to the Smart City Summit & Expo's professionalism and focus, and most importantly, helped to demonstrate the latest in technologies and services, which has made the Smart City Summit & Expo what it is today

We invite you to the next Smart City Summit & Expo in 2017, and to take part in shaping the future of Asia's smart cities today.

Join us now for pre-registration and stay tuned



Mayor's Summit

In addressing Smart City and the challenges it faced, the effort and visions of municipal government cannot be overvalued. Mayors’ summit invited leaders around the global to discuss and to exchange thoughts on Smart City, together to create more livable cities and bring happiness for their citizens.

The 2017 edition is expected with 15 city leaders form Swiss, Czech Republic, Malaysia, the U.K., the U.S., and of course from Taiwan. The panel will be discussing Smart City development and the role of municipal within; and the blueprint of Smart City in Taiwan and future urban planning.

Telecom Smart City Forum

The Conference intends to find out the value-adding services in Smart City where Telecom operators can utilize: Integrated communication services, cloud computing service, big data analyst and more. Together with 5 leading TELECOS in Taiwan and many more from Southeast Asia, Japan, China and Europe, the conference serves as a platform for the discussion of transformation of TELECOS in IoT era. Other than traditional TELECOS, the rising of LPWAN and its operators are crucial for the IoT infrastructure. Join us with SIGFOX and LoRa to explore the deployment of smart city and IoT.

Sustainable City Forum

The key role of future climate actions lies on the shoulder of the municipal government, since 80% carbon emission is released in the urban area where the home of more than 50% of the population is. Therefore, to achieve low carbon goal and make sustainable development through smart city will be the major task undertaking. We hope to deliver a message that the purpose of smart city development is to achieve the sustainable development of the city

With the join of Minister of Economic from Taiwan, the participation of ICLEI and elite entrepreneurs, the forum will be covering Green Mobility, New Energy, Low Carbon Community and Circular Economy and business opportunities in the development of a greener and smarter Taiwan.

General Forums

Over the course of 4 days the 30+ Smart City Forums tracks are divided into parallel conference sessions organized by conference sponsors. Topics including healthcare, retail, IoT applications and smart building among many others will be covered.


The Taipei Smart City Summit & Expo is an annual B2B oriented exhibition that is focused on one-stop IoT solutions tailored to the needs of the client. Together with dedicated local government and ICT enterprises the event set its goal to be one of the most important international tradeshows in Taiwan.

150+ Exhibitors, 200+ Speakers, 16,000+ Visitors

It is the most comprehensive IoT and smart city trade show in the Asia-Pacific, and also one that is strategically located in a hi-tech environment with a history of contributions in the world of technology. 



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