An Urbanicity Alert: Smart and Healthy Transport in Cities 2017

Mobility as a Service


Martin Russ (AustriaTech),
Jirí Kohout (PMDP),
Reinhard Birke (Austria),
Rasmus Lindholm (ERTICO )
and others
The panel discussion will also feature:
Martin Howell (Cubic),
Barbara Flügge (SA P Switzerland),
Roman Nekula (BKO M)


Sustainable Mobility


Catherine Trautmann (Strasbourg),
Udo J. Becker (TU Dresden)
This session will focus on the various
aspects of supporting sustainable
mobility policies, including the issue
of ‘clean mobility’, the relationship
between mobility, public space


Urbanism and
Public Transportation

Todd Litman
(Victoria Transport Policy Institute),
Patrick van Egmond (UITP),
Vojtech Novotný (CTU),
Petra Kolínská (City of Prague),
Karel Hájek (CTU)


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