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Are the dates for the 5th conference already marked on your calendars? If the answer is "not yet", don't wait any longer and take advantage of this special early registration fee that is valid only until the end of the year.

The conference focus is transportation companies, government and local officials, public transportation managers and suppliers and all other stakeholders in public transport systems and operation.



Conference Topics:

The role of public transportation in the future development of cities

  • What is the recipe for a successful regional development and urbanism policy that will relieve cities of cars?
  • Central urban renewal and development: Ensuring unrestricted passage for public transportation while avoiding car congestion
  • Parking and public transportation: Intermodality or a battle of two modes?
  • The potential and success of Park & Ride / Park & Go systems in cities with populations under 100,000
  • Designing cities with respect to future technical and social trends
  • Establishing public transportation in historic city centres - public opinion, difficulties, best practises.

Priority for public transportation vehicles

  • Can priority for public transportation vehicles really attract new passengers?
  • Priority and transportation corridors for non-rail public transportation
  • Special priority for public transportation vehicles in city centres
  • Building quality public space and public transportation corridors: Can the two coexist?
  • Smart transport-dependent traffic lights and priority for public transportation vehicles: Outlook and trends

Attracting new passengers
Tackling non-technical barriers and marketing

  • Public transportation has modernised rapidly. We have new vehicles and modern information and ticketing systems, yet it remains unattractive for an increasing part of the population. What more must be done to maintain current and win over new passengers?
  • Promotion of public transportation: Do campaigns make sense? Best practices
  • Tools for resolving problems with antisocial passengers, hygiene and fare dodgers
  • Which social groups are least willing to take public transportation? How can they be motivated?
  • Prices and tariffs as a tool for changing the modal-split, or just political marketing?



Why attend this conference?

“First time in Pilsen and already totally impressed by the high level of interactions and networking of the 2017 Smart & Healthy Transport in Cities Conference.

Perfect organization! Great exchanges! Business partners from various horizons and culture definitively help broadening Public Transport scope and reinforce competitiveness and attractiveness in nowadays new mobility paradigm.”

David Favest


“Smart and healthy transport for all cities in Plzen: This was certainly the most fruitful and pleasant conference in urban transport I attended in the last years.

The combination of theory and practical knowledge, of national and international experience, in a very productive and charming setting, was most successful and productive! Keep it up!”

Udo J. Becker




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