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Dialogues about urban mobility challenges for our future cities!

This year our Smart City Dialogues are going to address burning issues such as: Mobility Culture; Urban Planning and Commuting; Public Transportation; Traffic Management and Road Safety; Shared Mobility; Big Data in Mobility Business; Legal and Economic Framework for Future Mobility; Smart Parking; Mobility as a Service; ElectroMobility ; Autonomous Driving and Logistics for the Last Mile Supply Chain. Choose your topic of interest and be an active participant!

Abuja, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Kazan, Las Vegas, Portland, Saint-Petersburg, Santiago de Chile, Toronto, Vienna and many others have confirmed and developed their urban mobility master plans for the next 10 years. Do not miss the opportunity to be a global provider for urban mobility!

Organized and hosted by academus GmbH and held under the patronage of the Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises, we would like to welcome you to the UMD held in early November in Berlin.

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This will not just be another mobility conference. The UMD is designed to be a gathering of exceptional minds who will work together in an open and collaborative atmosphere on finding solutions for each participating city’s major mobility challenges.

At the 1st International Urban Mobility Dialogue you will have the opportunity to meet with decision makers from cities and companies and talk about your mutual goals and needs. Therefore – beside many key-note lectures - the special dialogue format between governmental, commercial, academic and civil representatives was developed to go much deeper into the topic of urban mobility than at conferences with little or no learning and practical outcome.

Following the exclusive format of the UMD we invite up to 300 guests not only to listen to the presentations of some amazing experts in the field of urban mobility and to participate in dialogue sessions, but also to enjoy some amazing social events such as the Sightseeing Night Tour by Pleasure Boat, the Evening Dinner at the unique “Haus der Kulturen der Welt” and the Smart City Bus Excursion through Berlin.

Amongst many others, let us announce the specified and exclusive dialogue/workshop topics:

  • Problem based Innovation design! How cities become clients and facilitators of change! (presented by PCH INNOVATIONS)
  • FIWARE enabling Cities: Mobility (presented by FIWARE)
  • How do US/International cities develop infrastructure to accommodate new multi-modal mobility options (presented by Chris Barker Consulting)
  • Smart Mobility in Inner City Districts (presented by eMo - Berlin Agency for Electromobility)
  • City Meeting of OASC (presented by OASC - Open and Agile Smart Cities)
  • Mobility Concepts and Mobility as a Service (presented by Morgenstadt Global Initiative of the Fraunhofer Society)
  • Last Mile Solutions (presented by Segway Inc.)
  • Where do we come from, where are we going? – Mobility Culture (presented by academus & Dr. Martin Kracheel)
  • DataCity: Experiencing our 9 month open-innovation program in 90 minutes - Learn how to use startup-methodology to accelerate the development of data-driven solutions for sustainable cities (presented by numa)
  • Who do our streets belong to? – Smart Parking (presented by academus & Frank Beckmann)

Partners & Sponsors: We believe in collaboration and innovation, so we work with partners around the world. All of them are looking forward to have the opportunity to meet with you at the UMD and share their ideas/projects which are making or going to make the world a “smarter” place.







Registration: To register for the Urban Mobility Dialogue 2017 please use our online Conference Management Tool (ConfTool).

Onsite registration will be available beginning Wednesday 1st November, 2017

We are convinced that you will make this event a success and we look forward to seeing you at the 1st UMD in Berlin!



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